Sunday, August 5, 2012

Special Memories

Teton Mountain Range
My baptism
Putting up peace poles

Making new friends from other countries
Mowing the yard for the first time

Anything involving campfires!
Crowd surfing at WPPD 2012
My bunny Snickers

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On a Mississippi Paddleboat

Near Bdote (where Mississippi and Minnesota River meet) I saw my very first LIVE eagle that wasn't a pet!  It was so cool.  He was BIG!  I could see him perfectly with the binoculars but I didn't get a picture.  This is where I go to throw rocks.  I've never seen it from the water before. I always see the boats going by and today I was on one of those boats.  Cool!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rotary International Convention

I LOVE pin trading!!!
Rotary Parade in the House of Friendship
Here's my new friend I met on Ferry.  We ate butterscotch candy
Each flag represents one country that has Rotary


Next year it's in Taiwan.  Hope we get to go to another House of Friendship!
These are my WII friends from the House of Friendship

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lots of First - Time things

We got to eat this yummy Norway cake with my friends.  It was Chief Arvol Looking Horse's birthday and they sang in Norwegian for him.  That was AWESOME.

I get to go to the Rotary International Convention House of Friendship this week.
I am so pumped up!  I will play chess, sing at the piano, learn about other countries.  They always have so much fun and I can hardly wait!

I went on my very first field trip.  My school went to the Minnesota Zoo.  We road a bus together. The girls were singing and the boys behind them were telling them to stop singing.  But I liked the singing.  I think I sang too.  This is a picture of the shark that nearly scared me to death because I thought there were just little pretty fish in the tank.  AHHH.  
These are my friends.  We're making fish faces telling the shark to come get us.  Ha. Ha. 
And the coolest news of all.  I can ride my bike on just two wheels.  Good bye training wheels.  I can start and stop and not wipe out too much.  Not everyone wears a helmet in my neighborhood but I think it's a good choice.  I can't believe I can ride on two wheels now!  I keep practicing each night.  Too bad I can't take my bike with me to New Orleans. 

I weigh 48 pounds and I got a new pair of shoes.  Mom says I have man shoes now.  Size 1.  No little boy shoes any more.  I have man shoes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi there!

My name is Caleb. 
I'm a Junior Ranger and I like to go to National Parks.
I travel with a Junior A hockey team.
I like to pin trade at the Winter Olympics and Rotary.
This is a picture of me in Vancouver where I was a Peace Ambassador and I lost my FIRST TOOTH!

Some cool things I've learned this year:
I  know what a yucca looks like.
I know the difference between a prickly pear and a porcupine -- I've seen both!
I thought it was called a beaver dog but it's really a prairie dog.
Mountain goats can't hear our car because it's a hybrid.
George Washington's face was finished on Mt Rushmore on my birthday a long time ago!
There is a rock that looks like a sheep in Utah.
It's hard to find green and blue rocks at the Grand Canyon.
There are lots of ties with tobacco hanging in the trees at Devils Tower. They shouldn't call it it the Bear Claw National Park instead because of the Indian stories.
There are foxes in the Badlands.

I hugged a tree at Mount Rushmore  (it's not called "Round Mushmore")

Ranger Caleb out!

Winter Carnival

Future King Boreas?